Woman Steals Stuff from Dog Show

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Do you know this person?  My sister is a vendor that goes to the dog shows selling different kinds of stuff for dogs.  On September 1st of 2012 my sister went to the dog show in  Lexington, Kentucky.   After closing up for the evening, this woman decided to help herself to some of the vendors store.

My sister had it posted on her booth that she had security camera.  She also had on the post that she will prosecute if caught stealing.  I guess this woman did not feel that the warning really meant anything to her.  Below you will see the link to YouTube to click on so that you can see this woman.

She stole $150.00 Kennel and $200 to $300.00 of other items from my sister’s booth.  This person also stole items from the other vendors.  We do not know the total of what all she stole from the other vendors.

If you know this person please contact us.  We would like to make sure that she does not do this again to anyone else.  Thank you for your help.



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  • ajillityglenn

    Thanks to both parties who emailed me about the dropped lead. Unfortunately, not mine….dang.

  • ajillityglenn

    HI Kallista, I sent you an email and then a link to a bead grouping and knotting that was similar to the ones on my lead. Unfortunately, I do not have a close up of my lead, I can send you win photos of it though. Anxiously waiting to see if this is the lead that your friend found in the parking lot.

  • petsbejeweled

    I am also a dog show vendor and have been posting this all day on Facebook pages and emails to my customers. SO GLAD to hear someone recognized her.

  • dsatter344

    I know who this is…called friend and asked and they all said it was who I thought it was…so if someone can get in touch with me…I’ve got a name for you

    • http://www.mentmorespaniels.com/ mentmores

      I saw this contact on a fb group I am on. Contact this person if you have info involved with this theft.


  • dsatter344

    I swear this is someone I know…how do I get in touch with the person that posted this….I can’t stand people that steal and lie

  • poodie

    I shared this on my FB page – and a friend recognized the tshirt – said it was one from the Brussels Griffon Specialty two years ago. Hers has the logo and date of the specialty on the back. She said that she has never seen another with the pawprint only.

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  • ajillityglenn

    I SAW this woman, and spoke with her at the show. She came up to me and commented on my show lead – how much it sparkled in the ring. I removed the lead from my Boston Terrier, handed it to this woman to look at, took it back, wadded it up, put it in the pocket of my tote, put the tote in my cart in the grooming area, and then left to go shopping. Guess what? My $200.00 lead (and $50.00 collar attached to said lead) came up missing that day. I tore apart everything….car, hotel room, cart, grooming bags, thinking perhaps it had fallen out, I hadn’t recollected my prior actions correctly, etc. When I saw this photo though, everything clicked. I didn’t think anyone would be so gutsy as to stand there and dig thru totes, etc., but this woman watched me do everything so it would’ve been nothing for her to return when no one was in the area and remove the lead. Please let me know if there was a police report or anything filed….I will keep my eye out for her as she stands out….I’ve seen this shirt several times at agility trials but never ringside at a conformation show where everyone is pretty dressed up.

    • kallista

      Hi, my friend found a braided leash in the parking lot, looked like someone dropped it or drove off and forgot it. If you will tell me what it looked like, this might be it? kallista@hughes.net Please keep us updated, I hope you catch this scummy person!